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How to Apply to a Travel Study Course

create account
DOWNLOAD: Creating a Travel Account Instructions

Creating a Travel Study Account  is essential in allowing you to apply for your desired travel study course and have a successful and meaningful travel study experience.

IMPORTANT: upon acceptance into a travel study course by way of your travel study account, you are still required to register for the course online or through the Registration office.

1. Click on the “Travel Programs” link in the top left menu.
 1 Menu

2.  Find the travel study course of your interest. Click on the title of the course that is highlighted in pink.
2 Featured Programs

3. You will arrive at the page with the information about the course.
4. Click on "Apply Now" to apply for the course and create a travel account.

3 Apply Now

5. Click the “OK” button.

4 creating an account

6. Select “I do not have login credentials to this site” and click the Submit button.
5 otis student
7. Select “I am registered at Otis” and click Submit.
8. Create an Account by filling out the information on the new page and clicking the “Create Account” button.

7 fill out info
9. Be certain to check the email address you provided when coming to this message.

Follow the directions in the email you are sent to login to the website.
10. After successfully logging in, select your Security questions.

9 security questions

11. You will be prompted to change your temporary password.

12. Next, select the available term to begin applying.

13. Fill out all required information on the following page.

10. information

14. After completing the applicant information you will be taken to “My Applications” which indicates you are now logged into your Travel Study account, allowing you to view your course application. At this stage you will need to complete all Signature Documents listed in your Travel Study course application. Your application will not be considered unless this information is provided.

11. signature documents

Congratulations! You have applied to a travel study course and you will receive an email notifying you whether you’ve been accepted approximately 2 weeks prior to class registration. Once you’re accepted, you will need to register for the course online or at the Registration Office as well as complete the new documents that will appear on your travel account.

NOTE: For additional assistance with this process please contact the Travel and External Study Coordinator, Academic Building Room 155, 310-665-6994,