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Funding Methods

funding methods

Enrollment in a Travel Study course approved for credit by Otis College of Art and Design may be considered enrollment in Otis College of Art and Design for purposes of applying for federal student financial aid. The first step for any student interested in financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Apply online at Visit the financial aid office at or Ahmanson Building, 203 Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5pm Tel: 310 665 6880 for details. Students studying abroad are also eligible to apply for additional loans and in some cases grants and scholarships to help pay for the trip. Students in travel study programs have extra expenses such as transportation costs. This is taken into consideration when awarding financial aid. No aid can be disbursed before classes begin; therefore, students will be responsible for all deposits. Planning ahead of time for funds to arrive ahead of time is critical. Any students with questions regarding V.A. benefits in relation to travel study should contact the Otis V.A. Certifying Official in the Registration.


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1. Request financial gifts or loans instead of birthday or holiday gifts.
2. Write a letter to all of your relatives and family friends, asking for financial
     support in exchange for framed photos/paintings of your trip.
3. Contact your local newspaper and ask to be paid for a series of columns/photos
     to be sent from abroad.
4. Organize an Art Show/Sale
5. Hold a garage, flea, or rummage sale.
6. Ask friends to join you in raising money by painting, cleaning,
    or car wash services.
7. Organize an event where you and/or some friends offer workshops for a
     reasonable fee (wine & art party, cooking, painting, stained glass making, woodworking, etc.).
8. Sell coffee and baked goods with a sign stating your purpose.
9. Collect used books, CDs, computer software, etc. and have a sale.
10. Ask your church, synagogue, or temple to sponsor a special offering, dinner,
      or raffle and give the proceeds for travel study.
11. Approach stores for donated supplies (such as clothes, camping gear, equipment, etc.).
12. Find out if your parents' employers have a scholarship program for their children.
13. Ask your employer to make a cash advance to be paid back through payroll
      deduction. (No harm in asking!)
15. Go Fund Me is an online site that will assist you in raising money.