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Travel Study Tuition Waiver Process

Otis College undergraduate students at JUNIOR or SENIOR level and, with 19 or more course credits based on enrollment into a travel study course will be given a Travel Study Tuition Waiver, that will allow him/her to exceed 18 credits but no more than 21 credits without being assessed an additional per credit cost of $1,456. This waiver does not apply to program costs – only tuition.

Step 1. Complete an override form
Step 2. Bring your completed Override Form to the appropriate Studio, Academic Advising, or Creative Action Department and obtain a signature.
Step 3. Bring the Override form to the Travel and External Study Coordinator in room 155 of the Academic Building. The coordinator will sign the form and assist you in completing a Travel Study Tuition Waiver Form
Step 4. Bring the Override Form to Registration/One Stop.
Step 5. Registration will allow you to over enroll.
Step 6. Student Accounts will waive the over enrollment fee.